Innovation energizes logistics technology

With the continuous expansion of business, the investment of Eoslift in research & development continues to grow every year. At present, Eoslift has more than 300 technology patents, inventions and software works, and its main technology team has more than 100 people. With the addition of more high-end talents, Eoslift is comprehensively promoting the application of automation intralogistics solutions in China.

As the driving force of global economic development and growth, artificial intelligence technology occupies an important position in intralogistics technology. Eoslift is committed to become the innovative leaders in the field of artificial intelligence, focus on AI, the development of industrial Iot and visual system, using the control system, information system, data analysis, to provide objective data analysis, and use the data complete accurate solutions, so as to complete the order structure and complex picking by robots, improve the company's people and time efficiency, so that the factory complete automation process.

In order to attract more talents, we have moved our global headquarters to Shanghai. The new headquarters will further enhance our ability to attract talents in this field. At the same time, we also cooperate with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai University and other scientific research institutions to provide enterprises with social responsibility.

Predicts 2025, the annual R&D investment of Eoslift will continue to exceed 8% of its annual revenue, on the high quality of service at the same time, Eoslift will not forget the beginner's mind, to do our Excellence of Service to the utmost, through continuous product development and research, to create more intelligent application scenarios, for customers to create the value of more than expected, let all customers enjoy the achievements brought by the innovation of logistics technology.