Goods-To-Person Picking System

The goods-to-person picking process is generally scheduled by the software system for automatic access equipment, such as Miniload, AGV, shuttle, etc., which automatically take the goods out of the storage area, and then transfer the goods to the picking station through the conveyor system. The picking station guides the picking operator through intelligent electronic tags. Throughout the operation, operator only need to stand at the picking station to finish the picking work. Goods, cartons/container etc. are automatically delivered to operator. At the same time, the tailbox automatically backflows to the storage area entrance, and automatically storaged.



GTP picking system refers to delivering goods to designated locations for selection. By means of information automation, i.e. moving goods without moving people, which will greatly reduce the walking distance of picking operators. We can achieve picking efficiency several times higher than people walking to the goods, and it has prominent advantages in greatly reducing labor intensity, storage density and saving manpower, etc.




  • Efficient sorting

    The order fulfillment rate per hour of the goods-to-people picking system is 8 to 15 times that of manual picking.

  • Efficient storage

    The utilization rate of space can reach more than 60%, which is 4 to 5 times that of the traditional way

  • Reduce Labor Intensity

    Reduce manual handling, reduce the operation process, improve work efficiency, reduce the overall labor cost

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