3D Monitoring System

As an important module of LionMan intelligent warehouse management software, 3D monitoring system is independently developed by Eoslift, which plays an important role in unmanned warehousing. Our 3D monitoring system can observe the three-dimensional storage environment, and real-time storage situation from the browser window. This reflects the real-time storage situation directly on screen. The main functions include 3D simulation display of real scene of stereo warehouse, real-time physical location, status data, fault monitoring of stereo warehouse equipment and remote camera monitoring.

The system can make warehouse management personnel more rapid and intuitive access to equipment, such as fault, the implementation of the orbit of managers get played a key issue, the first time through the monitoring system at the same time, can see the real-time of multiple devices in an orderly way in warehouse, can give managers, clients or visitors a visual shock.


Supporting remote camera


Fault alarm of equipment


Automatic reconnection after disconnection


Real-time monitoring of moving trajectory


  • Technology leadership

    Industry leading, independent patent

  • Spatial authenticity

    Three dimensional space

  • Integrating intelligence

    Massive video, smart scaling

  • Show dynamism

    Real time splicing, playback splicing

  • Business value

    Problem solving and quick response

  • Analysis automation

    Self examination and panoramic analysis

  • Positioning accuracy

    Precise coordinates, space-time unification

  • Expand flexibility

    Basic core, module expansion