Customized Development of System

The standard intelligent storage system can meet the basic storage needs of enterprises.

According to different industries, different degrees of intelligence and different specific businesses, different enterprises have different actual requirements for warehousing systems. We provide customized development services for such customers. According to customer needs, on the basis of the Standard Version, customized development, to provide perfect solutions.Quickly and efficiently customized to meet the needs of the company.



System functions can be customized according to customer requirements

Customized development process

  • 01

    Requirement analysis

    After the demand research, in-depth understanding and analysis of the requirements, sort out the functional requirements document

  • 02

    Outline design

    The general design of the software system includes the basic processing flow, organization structure, module division, function allocation, interface design, operation design, data structure design and error handling design.

  • 03

    Detailed design

    On the basis of the outline design, the detailed design of the software system is carried out, and the main algorithms, data structures, class hierarchies and call relationships involved in the implementation of specific modules are described.

  • 04

    Code development

    According to the detailed design of the specific program, to achieve the requirements.

  • 05

    System testing

    The user tests to confirm whether each function meets the requirements.

  • 06

    System delivery

    After passing the system test, submit the agreed system and various documents to the user.

  • 07

    Go live

    Formal operation of the system.

  • 08


    Follow up operation and maintenance services.


  • Excellent framework

    It has flexible system infrastructure and strong expansibility

  • Customized on demand with strong pertinence

    Customized report, customized dashboard, customized AGV scheduling, customized strategy and so on. It is really customized according to the needs of enterprises and has high practicability.

  • Reasonable cost

    According to the actual situation of the enterprise, delete the functions that the enterprise does not need, and compile the function modules needed by the enterprise, so as to shorten the development cycle to the maximum extent and save the development cost.

  • Good service

    Provide remote or on-site development to meet different requirements

  • Convenient and efficient

    Friendly interface, clear functional organization, convenient operation