Information system integration and Implementation -- system function architecture

The WMS and WCS system independently researched and developed by Eoslift has a powerful function of inventory management, which can be combined with various intelligent warehousing equipment, efficient in-and-out inventory checking and other functions. The powerful secondary development ability can adapt to various complex warehouse management processes, as well as docking various upper systems for customized development. Cooperate with artificial intelligence, machine learning and data analysis, data for inout and output of intelligent analysis of the inventory, for obtaining the best goods, goods loading and unloading efficiency, maximize through data analysis, statistical goods use frequency, stagnant inventory, to report to the management the optimal inventory structure, to strengthen the inventory management, and take corresponding measures to reduce inventory, can effectively save inventory costs.







Visual inventory interface


Workbench, statistical report


WCS equipment monitoring interface



  • Excellent Software Framework

    Quickly meet customers changing requirements; and multi-terminal support (PC, mobile phone, etc.).

  • Abundant Software Interfaces

    Applicable to various upper monitoring systems for rapid docking and development (DBLink, webservice, etc.).

  • AI Big Data Algorithm

    The system obtains route KPIs after deeply learning the access efficiency of customers. Analyze optimal route; decide the first-rank goods allocation to maximize the access efficiency through big data algorithm.

  • Mature Communication Protocol

    It is more convenient and flexible than the traditional OPC communication mode; the customized protocol is proven to be stable and reliable after tests from many projects. Results provided by our strong software and electrical teams at Eoslift.

Communication Process

Mature communication protocol: the traditional OPC communication mode is abandoned to make the communication faster and more flexible; based on the powerful software and electrical team of Eoslift, the customized communication protocol has been verified by several projects, and the communication is stable and reliable.