Electronic & Electrical Industry

A comprehensive solution for the electronics & electrical industry

Eoslift provides customized warehousing and logistics solutions for electronic & electrical enterprises, including efficient floor area utilization, efficiency improvement, material flow balance/sequencing, labor savings and high system running time.

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Industry Trends

    • There needs to be a constant balance between capacity and capacity flexibility
    • Automation improvements needed to control labor costs
    • Meticulous real-time strategy
    • Manufacturing operation reflux
    • Order accuracy, fulfillment and replenishment speed are critical to inbound material and line side replenishment
    • Software systems manage global procurement and provide supply chain visibility

Eoslift Offers You

Eoslift ensures that your production process continues to run. Leverage technical and software knowledge to develop solutions that are right for you. Whether you are engaged in 3C electronic product manufacturing or small household appliance production, we can optimize your process - warehousing, material storage, semi-finished goods storage, supporting, finished product inventory storage and transportation.

Eoslift Solution

  • Automation system to optimize the process - warehousing and receiving, material storage, semi-finished products, supporting, finished products/sub-components warehouse

  • Powerful storage software, used to manage the warehouse and material movement in the factory, monitor the storage status

  • AGV material handling system

  • Automation maximizes labor efficiency, provides superior ergonomic results, and reduces costs to balance productivity

  • Flexibility to adapt to future growth and operational changes

  • High density, compact warehousing and caching subsystems

  • Manufacturing facility warehouse and distribution system capabilities

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