Chemical Fiber Industry

A comprehensive solution for the chemical fiber industry

Eoslift provides customized warehousing and logistics solutions for chemical fiber enterprises, including efficient utilization of floor area, storage and transportation of raw materials, semi-finished products, finished products and parts in the factory, more intelligent and efficient, automation industry line efficiency and high running time of storage system.

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Industry Trends

    • Reduce the working area, processing time and manual labor
    • All process information management to ensure material information traceability, monitoring and accountability
    • Improve warehouse capacity, production efficiency and process accuracy

Eoslift Offers You

Eoslift provides provide personalized smart storage solutions for chemical fiber enterprises, according to industry characteristics and actual demand, customized for the customer the best overall solution, solves the flexible response, fast delivery and response of the inventory, quickly solve the problem of inventory, reducing the production costs, but more importantly make productive investment more cost-effective, the most critical is warehousing land utilization is greatly increased. Intelligent warehousing logistics realizes the efficient docking of logistics and production, making the storage and transportation of raw materials, semi-finished products, finished products and parts in the factory more intelligent and efficient. At present, the one-stop intelligent storage solution of Eoslift has been widely used in the field of chemical fiber, and has been fully recognized by the industry.

Eoslift Solution

  • Automation system to optimize the process - warehousing and receiving, material storage, semi-finished products, supporting, finished products/sub-components warehouse

  • Real-time monitoring of movement of raw materials, finished products and semi-finished products and warehousing

  • Intelligent storage software greatly improves labor efficiency

  • Flexibility to adapt to future growth and operational changes

  • High density, compact warehousing and caching subsystems

  • Manufacturing facility warehouse and distribution system capabilities

  • AGV material handling system

Case Study

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