Pharmaceutical Industry

A comprehensive solution for the pharmaceutical industry

Eoslift provides pharmaceutical companies with customized warehousing and logistics solutions, such as controlled access to inventory, temperature-controlled storage, storage of hazardous materials, peak/trough value of order volume, product tracking, order/inventory accuracy.

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Industry Trends

    • The information system supports the GSP management of drugs and the inquiry and statistics of large amounts of data
    • Many products require controlled access and sometimes require special treatment, such as refrigeration
    • Alliances between large wholesalers and retailers have led to increased pressure to meet demand
    • Margins are difficult to maintain because of regulations, product handling requirements and changing customer needs

Eoslift Offers You

Eoslift offers pharmaceutical companies including material flow, storage, transportation, sorting, statistics, inquiry, information processing modular intelligent warehousing logistics solutions, through the intelligent storage, intelligent transportation, smart and intelligent sorting and palletizing robot application system, to provide comprehensive logistics automation solutions. These solutions can help companies maximize storage space and reduce costs; Integrate logistics resources, optimize the strategy, selection, transportation and packaging of drugs, and realize the full automation of internal logistics from raw materials to finished products; Ensure the comprehensive management, control and distribution of drugs with high quality and high efficiency, and save labor cost. The system has the characteristics of high efficiency, stable operation and fine operation of logistics equipment, and is equipped with a highly informationized management system.

Eoslift Solution

  • Solve problems such as labor shortage and high turnover through automation

  • The automation industry chain can keep pace with the rapid growth of new products and packaging

  • Track and trace products throughout the supply chain according to government regulations on drug administration

  • Adapt to changing regulations, product handling requirements and customer needs

  • Intelligent storage software controls the flow of products

  • AGV material handling system under specific warehouse environment

Case Study

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