E-commerce & Retail Industry

A comprehensive solution suitable for e-commerce & retail industry

Eoslift provides customized warehousing and logistics solutions for e-commerce and retail enterprises. The modular system functions flexibly meet the different needs of different enterprises for sorting, transportation and storage efficiency.

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Industry Trends

    • With the rapid expansion mode of e-commerce retail industry, the requirements of warehousing and logistics will be increasingly refined, specialized and large-scale
    • Whole channel distribution is increasingly being used, and consumers are demanding more precision in non-traditional sales methods -- small stores, shopping malls, virtual shopping, direct delivery
    • The importance of accurately predicting seasonal demand
    • The problem of labor shortage is prominent
    • Store delivery service to reduce labor costs and ensure stores have stock available for sale
    • The use of RFID has increased in some areas
    • Foreign competitors enter the domestic market

Eoslift Offers You

Efficient process the goods processing power and precision control system, help to promote efficiency, reduce costs, improve storage capacity, integration of production and distribution process, improve labor efficiency to the greatest extent at the same time, strengthen the flexibility of storage throughput and order fulfillment ability, fully realize the storage, transportation, stacking, sorting, etc material flow of information, automation, so as to change the traditional electricity retail warehousing logistics of the five "big" phenomenon.

Eoslift Solution

  • Suitable containers and pallets for product package

  • Manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic picking systems

  • Efficient return handling

  • No wave picking, any input order can be immediately and perfectly allocated to the picking process

  • Single or multiple levels of picking

  • Pick different packing units, such as cartons and pallets for B2B and individual goods for B2C

  • Robot and AGV

  • Process and IT solutions are also suitable for temporary workstations at peak time

  • Eoslift WMS/WCS software solutions are suitable for manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic warehouses

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