Provide a one-stop comprehensive service

Eoslift provides customers with high quality one-stop intelligent storage solutions and products. We have a number of experienced technical experts, who can customize a complete set of intelligent storage system for you. Our aim is to meet your enterprise's material flow and storage requirements based on your industry's basic attribute. Combined with your own products, packaging, flow rate, inventory data, as well as the enterprise development strategy and vision, for the ultimate full-scale customer service experience.

Innovative and thoughtful custom service package to maximize the availability of all your products

At Eoslift, we understand that maximum availability and rapid response when services are needed are critical to the successful operation of complex logistics systems. Professional technical customer service is ready to serve you, and to provide you with strong support, according to the different periods of the business cycle, Eoslift can prepare different customized service packages for you. Our custom portfolio includes: maintenance management systems, remote services, on-site services, on site services, training support, and customer support. As a leading logistics technology company in the industry, we are confident to create the greatest value for customers with the service concept of "Meticulous service excellence"!

Business Process

  • 01

    400 626 9090

  • 02

    Consultative Selling

    • Project Information

    • Demand of Customers

    • Project Due Diligence

    • Industry Analysis

    • Data Analysis

  • 03

    Solution Customization

    • Process Planning

    • Solution Design (machinery, electric and software)

    • Solution Demonstration

    • Solution Confirmation

    • Contract Signing

  • 04

    On-site Construction

    • Set up a Project Team

    • Production Outsourcing

    • Assembly in Plant

    • Test in Plant

    • Field Installation

    • Field Debugging

    • Joint Debugging

  • 05

    After-sales Service

    • Operation Training

    • After-sales training

    • Remote Warning

    • Active Safety