Professional team can provide you with 7/24 hours of service

The Eoslift service team provides professional advice for field staff and establishes remote control system for enterprise projects. Professional team can provide you with 7/24 hours of service to help you solve problems quickly and efficiently.

Offered service includes:

01 Remote diagnosis

Eoslift provides customers with telephone, QQ, WeChat and other remote services to solve the problem in real-time and reduce customer production-interruption time.

02 Remote monitoring

Eoslift engineers can monitor your equipment remotely, and anticipate potential problems that will lead to shut down before problems even arise, and implement preventive measures.

03 Necessary system support

Eoslift software is highly reliable and its extended software support programs include routine detection of system data, server architecture and software applications.

04 Warm maintenance

With business requirements changing, your software also needs adaptation to these changes. Regular patches, security upgrades and cluster testing are all effective measures to improve system availability, and these measures are characteristic services supported by Eoslift software.