Site Service

With a large army of on-site service personnel, Eoslift can manage the creation, assignment, execution, collaboration, and service resources of on-site service tasks for customers. Our priority is to ensure that the project can get done smoothly. We provide mature and highly reliable professional technology and rich experience. The investment in preventive maintenance and preventive support can further perfect productivity, reduce operating costs and maximize equipment utilization.


Eoslift has a number of professional mechanical, electrical and design engineers who can support your maintenance activities in both contractual and non-contractual forms.

Preventive and responsive maintenance

Preventive maintenance fundamentally ensures the utilization of the equipment you most need. Eoslift customize planned maintenance project that can support your specific equipment needs with high flexibility. In the event of system failure, the support team of the Eoslift Hotline provides 24-hour support, remotely resolves the problem, or dispatches field service personnel for on-site intervention.

Conditional system monitoring

In order to ensure your maintenance activities in precise areas, our on-site service personnel can provide a large number of specific conditions for equipment monitoring activities based on Lionman Intelligent Warehouse Management System.