Field Service

Eoslift field service provides you with an on-site maintenance team, who can provide you with technical support at anytime and anywhere. This service provides you with a comprehensive system management, to find our system potential problems with clear responsibilities. Customized services can offer various options and also undertake all engineering services on site.

All engineering roles include material flow control

Recruitment, training, management and infrastructure

Parts supply and management

Hotline services, IT and third-party vendor support

The risk of system availability can be transferred to Eoslift

Availability Assurance

Service Level Agreements is linked with Major Business Indicators

Eoslift Field Service Team

Eoslift provides cost-effective solutions

With the current issue in shortages of human resource, and in addition to recruiting new employees, Eoslift supplies cost-effective solutions by selecting a team composed of professional technicians for you to work in your field. We work as a member of your team to solve technical problems on all sites at anytime and anywhere. The number of filed staff, working hours, working plans, technical expertise can meet your needs.

Protect your investment

Compared with the cost of additional repair and shutdown of the system, tt is cost-effective to choose the field service to maintenance system. Even if we offer hotline services, on-site service is still the most effective way to protect your system investment.

Service Level Agreements is linked with Major Business Indicators

Eoslift bears all the responsibility for all system risks, providing planned, corrective or emergency system maintenance, as well as routine system troubleshooting and technical support. Maintenance costs, including labor costs, shutdown and spare parts, can achieve the goals of being traceable and measurable, and report in order to evaluate work efficiency and productivity goals.

Flexible protocols

The Eoslift field team combines the services provided with your business operations, which means that they can quickly respond to your daily needs and help you achieve your strategic goals. Our field service team provides the best maintenance services in today's industry. All the team members have rich expertise, skills and experience to help you build the competitive advantage you have been pursuing.